Kimono Fashion Show “Emerging from Pupa”

I presented a Kimono Fashion Show on March 22. This show was sponsored by the Japanese general consulate in Miami.
I featured kimono for the Coming-of-Age Ceremony, but when I planned this show, an 11-year-old Cuban-native model, Ainhoa, directly asked me to come on stage of our show. Checking her portraits, I flashed various ideas into my mind.
The tile of this show, “Emerging from Pupa”, means that girls and boys walk up to adults. After I produced coming-of-age festival using 11 models, I wanted to demonstrate the outfit representing that one girl walks up to adult

When I came to the venue early in the morning on the day of the show, three iron panels were just installed side by side for the runway. I needed to ask to rearrange the panels to make a “runway”. I was not surprised that the runway was not well made though I had discussed about the runway setting beforehand, because I am familiar with the carpenters’ manner though the renovation of our old house. I need to produce everything for the show in US.
After my requests and a lot of discussion, the stage was set as seen in the photo below.

The photo shows the backstage of the show. The officer in the Japanese general consulate in Miami casted these models, including University students in Miami, and volunteers of the Saturday Japanese School in Miami. All of them were courteous and cute.

The fashion show started. There were only two spot lights on the stage, but both, installed on the entry of runway, did not work well for shining the stage. I feel regret for the light setting. The stage was a little dim, so all the photos are not clear.

The first model was a man with Haori-Hakama.

Then, girls models appeared with Furisode kimono, representing girls cerebrated on Coming-of-Age Ceremony.

The final of the 11 model was Ezra, who belongs to the same lab as my husband in University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

Ezra escorted 11-year-old Ainhoa.

As I wrote, Ainhoa’s outfit represented that one girl walks up to adult. I asked just her to set her hair down. I dressed her in Maiko kimono outfit with a plumage robe. She wore Pokkuri geta sandals.

She appeared with great cheer and bravo from the audience.
At last, all the models walked together on the runway.

Then, Ainhoa re-appeared.

All the show was done with full of shouts and applause from the audience. I was very deeply impressed by ringing applause. “Bravo!” went straight to my heart.

After the show, Aihnoa took photos with guest. Very cute.. I also took a photo.

I thank all the wonderful models very much. 
I appreciate consuls and officers in the Japanese general consulate in Miami, as well as many people who help me to organize this event. Thank you very much! 
I also appreciate all the audience for coming to our show. There were more visitors coming to the venue than we had expected. I am so sorry that all of them were not able to enter the venue. 
After the show, we took commemorative photos with full of smiles 
I want to express my deepest appreciation of people coming to our kimono fashion show. Thank you, all!


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