Demonstration before Kimono Fashion Show

The kimono fashion show successfully finished on March 22.
As larger audience came to the show than we had expected, the venue was overcrowded. I am very pleased that our event was enthusiastically received, but I also feel very sorry because many people were not able to enter the venue.
Before the kimono fashion show, I first talked about kimono and Japanese culture, then I demonstrated how to tie an obi sash. I will upload the photos of the kimono fashion show next time.

At first, the board chairperson of Miami Beach Botanical Garden gave some message, wearing an Uchikake coat. When he asked to the audience who came to the Garden first time, many people in the venue raised their hands. Happily, many people came the venue just to see the fashion show.

Then, Mr. Nagashima, a consul general from the Japanese general consulate in Miami, had a brief message about this event and introduced me to the audience.

I started talking with some slides. I talked about my kimono business in the art and fashion fields in the world, based on my experience as a kimono stylist. Subsequently. I explained about the history of kimono, then about the culture and history of Furisode, featured in this kimono fashion show.

These photos show the scenes from the demonstration of obi tying. Sara, a student of my kimono class, explained, and I demonstrated how to tie it on the stage.

When I showed full length of obi, then demonstrated to form drum-style obi notch, many people were surprised.

It was really a very pleasant demonstration.


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