Coverage of our Kimono Fashion Show in Miami Herald

Miami Herald is the oldest newspaper in Florida. According to the Japanese Wikipedia, Miami Herald is the primary newspaper in Miami, which more than 1 million people subscribed. The kimono fashion show I presented in March was finally covered by Miami Herald.
I know that the photographer came to the venue of the show, but I am very surprised. Terra, coordinator of this event in Miami Beach Botanical Garden, happily emailed me about this coverage.
The location of the Botanical Garden is wonderful, but many people in Miami Beach don’t know the Botanical Garden, so officers of Miami Beach Botanical Garden were very pleased to know this coverage.
The general consulate of Japan in Miami asked me this kimono fashion show in January. I continued to prepare the show for about 2 months:

To decide the theme of the show.
To determine the number of the models.
To call the models suitable for the theme.
To determine how to organize the stage on the venue.
To make slides with the explanation of history and culture of kimono.
To construct the program of the talk, demonstration and show.
To determine who wore which kimono.
To write the press releases and publish it.
To prepare all the kimono and kimono accessories.

I need to do all, mainly with help of Terra and Ms. Patton, an officer of the general consulate of Japan in Miami. Because the budget was limited, and the space of the back stage was also limited, we were not able to hire the professional hair and makeup artists. I asked all the models to set hair and makeup by themselves.
The resource is limited, while we did our best to produce the kimono fashion show. Thanks to the help from all the models and supporters, we finally have created a wonderful show.

This is the online article of our shoe in Miami Herald.

One of the American models in the University wrote the letter to me in Japanese, which impressed me. I am very pleased. Thank you, all!!


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