Kimono Fashion Show in Miami Beach on March 22

I produce a kimono fashion show at Banyan Room in Miami Beach Botanical Garden on March 22, 2015 at 1pm, sponsored by the Japanese general consulate in Miami and Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

I will focus on kimono outfits inspired by the Japanese unique event "Coming-of-Age Ceremony", which cerebrates being 20 years old. The title of the show is "Emerging from Pupa", implying the wish that youths spread their wing around the world. I express this wish by styling and design of kimonos. The fashion show unveils many ensembles for young women with Furisode long-sleeved kimonos and ensembles for young men with Haori-Hakama kimonos. At the end of this show, an outfit of "Emerging from Pupa" is presented using a plumage Hagoromo robe.

Please come to join us!


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