Preliminary Meeting for Kimono Fashion Show

I am asked to produce a kimono fashion show in the event that will be held at Miami Beach Botanical Garden this spring as an introductory event for Japanese culture. This event is supported by Japanese general-consulate in Miami. So, I had preliminary meeting for the kimono fashion show with a person in charge of general, public diplomacy in Japanese general-consulate in Miami and a person in charge of this event in the Garden. The photo below shows inside of the Botanical Garden. 

We talked at the venue. In the photo below, the consular officer is on the left and the person in charge of the event at Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

We discussed about the stage setting and speakers. I heard that models for the kimono fashion show will be selected through public invitation by the Botanical Garden. 

There is a Japanese garden in the Botanical Garden. I am always surprised that many people outside of Japan are very interested in Japanese culture. 

Through this event, I hope we can show the beauty of kimono to Floridian as well as people who are visiting to Miami Beach from all over the world. 

I will write more about the kimono fashion show in my future blog entries. I have some ideas for the kimono fashion show, but it’s not determined. So, I will also write about it in the future.


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