Little Did I Dream : Publication of our Kimono Collection in Exhibition Magazine

Our kimono collection was published in the fashion magazine “Exhibition”.

This magazine is annually published in February, when the Paris Fashion Week is held. This is a gorgeous huge magazine, where the famous fashion brands are listed: Chanel, Prada, Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton and so on.

This year the Exhibition Magazine features silk and a stylist, Patti Wilson, associated kimono with silk and asked me to help. I worked with the same members as had worked for i-D magazine two years ago: a stylist, Patti Wilson, and a photographer, Daniele + Iango.

In February, I knew our kimono collection was published in this issue, but I would like to check the real magazine and inform you about this publication. Since the magazine arrived too late, I am delayed to inform this publication.

When I look over the magazine, I am surprised. My name and our company name are listed on the back cover page. This is the photo of the back cover page.

As you see, we can see the name “MODE & CLASSIC HIROMI ASAI” in the list including Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and so on.

This is my first experience to see my name on the back cover page in the famous fashion magazine. I am very surprised and pleased. I also appreciate many help from the co-workers. 

I worked with them for other magazines. I hope I will inform the other publication by the same team in the future.

I also find the name, Issey Miyake, on this list. I am not familiar with fashion brands and don’t know him very much. I just know Issey as a designer for black turtlenecks for Steve Jobs. I read his biography and find an emotional story about him.

According to Wikipedia, at the age of seven, Issey witnessed and survived the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Then he focused on fashion design to create beauty and pleasure rather than to destroy things. But as he had a fear of being stigmatized as an atomic-bomb survival designer, he had kept his tragic experience on the atomic bomb a secret for so long. 

The dresses designed by Issey have surprisingly less patterns or no patterns, but the dresses look vivid with their adventurous forms and delicate fabrics as well as with color gradations. They look simple, but don’t feel simple. I cannot express it well, but when I see dresses designed by Issey, I am very touched. 

The kimono collection published in the magazine has various patterns, but these patterns are not demonstrated in the photos. Nevertheless, I think texture and “silkness” of the kimono are well expressed in the photos. I admire the genius of the photographer, Daniele + Iango, who took many photos for the fashion magazines including VOGUE. 

I turned page after page from the first to the last page of the Exhibition Magazine. Tears filled my eyes without reasons.

The fashion designs on the top-brands which can be seen during Paris Fashion Week look more than wonderful. I have nothing to say about listing my name on the list of the top fashion brands in this magazine. 

At the end, I put the photos which I am credited on in the Exhibition Magazine.


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