Obijime-cord when holding a baby

I attended a wedding of my friend with my kids. At that time, I wore a kimono. Since kids are only 1 year old, I often needed to hold them during the ceremony. Whenever I held them, my obijime-cord with circular cross-sections easily rotated and came down.
Here I show an obijime-cord with circular cross-sections.

Even if I used a obijime-cord with flat cross-sections, it should not be happened.
Here I show an obijime-cord with flat cross-sections.

An Obi sash is supported just by an obijime-cord, so if an obijime-cord comes down, an obi sash possibly comes loose. In this case, my obi-sash did not come loose, but I realize that when we hold babies wearing kimono, we had better use obijime-cords with flat cross-sections.

Dynamics to keep kimono right form is sometimes delicate. To avoid kimono from losing its shape, we need to think about the appropriate coordination for kimono depending on the occasions.