"Kimono and Obi" Demonstration for Ikebana International Miami

I had demonstration of “Kimono and Obi” for Ikebana International Miami at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables on January 21. That demonstration was fully attended. I realize that many people are interested in kimono in Miami and Coral Gables.

First, using slides, I talked about how kimono has an impact on the world. Then, I talked about the history of kimono and kimono dressing (Kitsuke). Subsequently, I talked about twelve-layered kimono and its layered colors, which relate to seasonal flowers. 

After my talk with slides, we has a question and answer session. As several participants wore kimono, I asked them to step forward, which helped me for the explanation of kimono. 

Second, I demonstrated woman’s kimono dressing and obi tying, and then dressing of man’s Haori Hakama formal kimono. 

I showed Furisode dressing and decorative obi tying. 

I showed dressing of man’s Haori Hakama. 


After the demonstration of kimono dressing, I got a dozen of questions. I spent a fun time with the audience. 

After all of my lecture, many attendants talked to me. I was asked when I would have a lecture next time. I was very pleased. 

I thank all the people who came to my kimono lecture.

I also thank Ms. Ishii, who presided over the lecture, Ms. Ellen Weston, the president of International Ikebana Miami, Ms. Mieko Kubota, the vice president, all the people who wore kimono and helped me, and Yumi and Koichi, who modeled for the demonstration of kimono dressing. I appreciate all the help and cooperation.

I hope we will be able to meet and talk again in the near future.


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