Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach was held from 5th to 8th December.

Originally, Art Basel is a world-biggest contemporary art fair annually held in Basel, Switzerland since 1970. Now Art Basel grows to a world-wide contemporary art fair annually held in Miami Beach and Hong Kong as well as Basel.

This year, Art Basel Miami Beach was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. 258 galleries from 31 countries attended this art fair for demonstrating the latest modern and contemporary art. During this period, galleries which did not officially attend Art Basel Miami Beach provided various art events. As I had received an invitation letter for the reception held around NE 24th Street, Miami, where originally warehouses and now many modern art galleries gather, I visited one of the galleries wearing a kimono.

Miami uptown including NE 24th street is the area where many violent crimes occur. I went through dark roads at night. Various wall pictures abruptly appeared inside the dilapidated town. The photos show that neighborhood.

The reception was hosted by Kristian Schmidt, who had worked with Prince William and David Beckham, and loves Japan. He had received the Grammy Award for the music video.

After we park a car near the gallery, I walked to the gallery at a quick pace. I felt relaxed when I entered the gallery. As you see the photo, many fashionable people gathered inside the gallery.

The title of the exhibition was “Whale Shark Series”. As I wore a kimono, Kristian himself talked to me about staying at Tokyo. He took his photos in Philippines. Finally he and I were taken a picture in front of his representative work.

The art world suddenly appeared in the dilapidated warehouse town looked similar as old Tribeca in New York. Inside of the gallery was completely different from outside. I can understand why galleries gather in this area.
The photos show the gallery. His works were wonderful.

I enjoyed the reception, but because I feared safety of this area a little, I went back home after the short stay. 
Thank you for the invitation and courtesy by Kristian.


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