Handmade message cards

I was asked by Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) International to have a lecture about kimono at the time of the Ikebana class.
Ms. Kubota from Ikebana International came to our studio for the meeting.

At that time, She gave me handmade message cards.
The excess kimono clothes were used for these cards. Some of them were Edo Komon fabrics. dyed by Ms. Yasutaka Komiya, one of Japanese living national treasures for kimono fabric dyeing.
In one card, a frog was made with Origami paper. It is tasteful, so I even want to display it inside a frame on the wall.

I think that people performing Ikebana can enjoy the expression of seasonal features. I also think that the world of the flower arrangement is similar as one of the kimono in expressing a sense of the seasons.

Here I display the photos of message cards created by Ms. Mieko Kubota.


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