The findings from the book “Kimono Story” by Kitsukeshi, Shohei Nezu Part 2

This blog entry carries on from the last one. The following sentence is written in the book “Kimono Story: Kimono Gatari” by Kitsukeshi, Shohei Nezu, which I totally agree about our work.
“If an actor leaves from a dressing room immediately without watching a mirror after the dressing for him is done, that kimono dresser is qualified as professional.”

In my case, because I mostly meet with our customer, who asks us kimono dressing, for the first time, it’s difficult to build a trusting relationship with the customer to make her/him leave from the dressing room without watching a mirror. I usually ask the customer to check her/his styling by a mirror after completion of kimono dressing.

I realize that I was able to make a good job when the customer did not review her/his style in front of a mirror and did not touch her/his kimono to fix kimono dressing.
Even if I felt that I was able to provide good kimono dressing the customer, it was not a good job when the customer was not satisfied with the kimono dressing.

I extracted only a piece from the book which I refer to for the work of a kimono stylist, but there are many interesting episodes in this book. I strongly recommend a person who wants to become a kimono dresser or who wears kimono many times to read this book.

The following words from Mr. Nezu are found in the end of this book: “There is only one person that you are in the world. There are no other people who have the same face and body shape as yours. It’s neither beautiful nor attractive to wear a kimono like a uniform. I want you to optimize individuality for wearing a kimono.”

I completely agree with his words. I would like to dress a customer in kimono for optimizing individually and completing her/his unique story.

The photo shows one page of the book “Kimono Story: Kimono Gatari”. I am deeply impressed by the photo in which Mr. Nezu dressed the actress in her kimono.


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