The article of the Kyo-Yuzen, Yuzen dyeing technique in Kyoto, appeared in the New York Times

The article about the Kyo-Yuzen, Yuzen dyeing technique in Kyoto, “Hand-Crafted Kimonos: Japan's Wearable Masterpieces”appeared in the New York Times about one month ago on August 20th.

The reporter interviewed several hand-drawing craftsmen of Kyo-Yuzen. Impressed by the production process, the reporter wrote the article about it with a lot of photos.
How many craftsmen were involved and how many natural resources were utilized in this production process were described in this article.

I have heard that water of Kamogawa River used in this production process gradually becomes dirty and does not become suitable for the wash-off process of Yuzen dye.
In addition, craftsmen dramatically decrease. Most of the craftsmen become aging, but their successors cannot be found.
I often hear the severe problem that the kimono production through careful elaborate craftsmanship, which is written in this article, is about to disappear.

It is difficult for them to continue producing great kimono and connect this craftsmanship to the next generation. But for connecting this craftsmanship, I sincerely want many people to know the splendid traditional technique to produce kimono fabrics.

In the kimono factory interviewed in this article, craftsmen not only receive traditional techniques from the old generation, but also introduce new techniques: the database of kimono design since several hundred years ago, the computer-oriented kimono design maker, and so on. I am happy to read these new challenges by craftsmen.

I am impressed by the following words about this kimono factory.
“It is a company, but it isn’t just a business. It creates a culture of Japanese beauty.”

Three years ago in my blog entry, I introduced the article which was published in the British newspaper: “Kimono making in Japan is a dying art”.

However, I don’t like just to be concerned about bitter future of kimono. It’s important that the New York Times, which can send strong messages to people all over the world, published the amazing kimono production in Kyoto. Many people around the world must have recognized the beauty of kimono through this article. I hope more people read this article and know the beauty of kimono.

Via this article, I convince that superb things are spread to the world even if they are produced at one tiny area in the world.


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