Trilogy of Geisha series : Attending the production by Laurie Simmons

I undertook the production of Geisha Series Three Parts of Love Doll by Laurie Simmons, a New York-based artist and photographer, who is active and famous internationally.
I worked with her for the third time on Oct 19th and 20th, 2011.
Laurie asked me to coordinate kimono styling as well as to arrange hair and makeup to the doll.

A makeup artist, Kimiyuki Misawa, participated in the second and third part of this Geisha series. He not only performed white make-up to the love doll like a Geisha, but also made arrangement of the hair set to the Japanese wig as Laurie asked.

Now I would like to write the third episode of Geisha production to the love doll in my blog because her exhibition “The Love Doll” was held in Japan and her photo book was published this year. When I looked over this book, I read with interest the inside story how she had found us and asked us this production.
The upper photo shows a cover of the book entitled ”The Love Doll Days 1-36”. This photo demonstrates one page of this book where the doll wears a purple kimono. For this photo, I worked as a kimono stylist for the third time.

I think that the third part was the best among the Geisha series.
The purple kimono is a real Hiki-gi, which means a long trailing kimono that Geishas had worn.
Laurie's assistant had a beautiful tattoo on her back, where a woman wearing purple kimono was drawn. Laurie requested us to make the love doll the similar image.
I was surprised at Laurie’s idea. I was also interested in Laurie's viewpoint.
Confused by her request, I tried to meet with her request and finally understood her imagination.

This purple Hiki-gi kimono looked powerful. It was difficult to create an appropriate expression to the kimono on the love doll. I tried to dress the love doll in the kimono with certain expression. The makeup by Kimiyuki Misawa had a tremendous impact, so I did my best and made my kimono styling competitive to his makeup.
These photo show the finished product in her studio. The love doll seemed like a Geisha with soul.

Laurie was out during our production. She came back to her studio when we completed our production of the Geisha-style love doll. She said "Hiro, which is the best in our Geisha series?" I answered to her "Of course, this is the best." She replied "I think so, too." 

Laurie is a visual artist. After taking pictures of this Geisha-style love doll, we removed makeup, took off the wig from the doll's head, and tore off the kimono from the doll's body which weighed about 50kg. Finally I brought back all items. That was very simple. 
The only thing I did was that I was producing materials of the work which live only in photographs, just as if I was building sand castles on the beach.
When I looked over the Laurie's book, I thought that I had never built sand castles on the beach, but had created something because my work continues to live as "Art" in her photographs.

I heard that her exhibition “THE LOVE DOLL DAY 1-36“ was very popular in Japan.
Congratulations heartily.

The makeup artist, Kimiyuki Misawa, was just making up to the doll's face in the last photo. When I see this photo, I think that he seemed to make up to a real lady.

These blog articles were published related to the previous two productions with Laurie Simmons.


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