Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SWIM 2014

The swimsuit shows of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week were held at South Beach in Miami.
I don't know if there are some similarities between kimono and swim suites, but I received several invitation letters from the designers who appear at New York Fashion Week, so I attended some shows. I appreciate many invitations to the swimsuit shows from various designers.

I really enjoyed participating the shows.
The venues were located at the Raleigh Hotel. The pool of this hotel is very famous, where several movies have been shot. The upper photo was taken from the poolside of the hotel.
Two tents for the venue of fashion shows were installed in the depth of the poolside. This photo shows inside of the tent. We were able to enjoy eating and drinking on the poolside. Every attendant, bringing a glass of cocktail, talked to each other in front of the tent in a relaxed atmosphere.
The schedule of the fashion shows was concentrated at night and many of them included receptions. Tough the schedule is usually full during daytime at the New York Fashion Week, similar to a scientific conference, this fashion week for swimsuits in South Beach did not feel busy. 
Surprisingly, the fashion show of the swimsuit was more elegant than I had imagined. 
I was impressed by the impact with vivid colors as well as the punchy designs. Some swimsuits are designed in combination with hat or sandals.
On second thought, as the shapes of the swimsuit are limited, I think it's difficult for designers to express her/his identity in the fashion and make trendy business products, but this kind of challenge seems attractive.

At the shows, some models wore not only swimsuits, but also summer dresses on swimsuits.
Interestingly, we often wear long-sleeve dresses in hot summer with long sunshine hours. It's because we avoid tanning. It's also because we feel cooler in long-sleeve dresses than in short-sleeve ones, as long-sleeve can shut out the direct solar light.

So, I think that a summer kimono "Sha" is nice in hot humid summer.
When I wore a summer kimono “Sha”, someone talked to me, "Do you feel hot? Do you feel heavy?" But I recall that one of my seniors at the tea ceremony class in Japan said, "Kimono feels cool." I want to dress in kimono stylishly like her as well as propose and introduce summer "cool" kimono in this country, USA.


The following photos were taken at MINIMALE ANIMALE show. I felt that these styles look powerful and punchy. She is a very popular designer.

The swimsuit fashion show was full of pleasure at the wonderful place.


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