Kimono for the Major Baseball League

In March I got a job offer from Major League Baseball (MLB). The offer was very unique. The MLB 2012 season opener was held in Japan and we were asked to dress 9 baseball fans who were chosen from 200,000 people in kimono, while they were watching the game at the MlB Fan Cave in NYC.

The game started at 7PM in Japan. Because there are 13 hour time difference between Japan and NYC, we had to get them dressed in kimono by 6AM EST. I had to wake up around 4AM and went to the venue by 5AM.

There were many TV screens added together to make sort of one big screen at the venue (MLB Fan Cave in NY).. There hung many bats and balls on the wall. the venue can make people excited even if they are not baseball fans.

I did not know anything about baseball, but Ichiro was on the big screen and it made me happy and proud. The Japanese baseball fans must have look forward to seeing the game as the game was played in Japan.

2 females and 7males elected from 200,000 MLB fans seem to have various events for MLB.

Many MLB related persons came to the venue.

After this event, the photo I appear in was uploaded on the MLB fan page at
The photos remind me how the 9 fans enjoyed wearing kimonos.

It has been several months since the season opener. Yu Darvish is doing really well and Hiroki Kuroda in the NY Yankees is pitching consistently well. After this event, I began watching baseball games and now enjoy them.

I got a thank you letter from the MLB director, Jacqulyn. Major League Baseball seems like a fabulous world, usually totally unconnected from my daily life, but they posted our  photos, sent me a thank you letter which was very touching. I often think that people and people's hearts connect warmly through my with kimono.


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