My Work Was Featured in Italian Magazine

I received an offer from an editor of the Italian magazine “Collezioni Haute Couture." The theme was weddings. The photos shot last December were published with my interview in the magazine.
The picture above is the cover of the magazine.

I had been interviewed by “Collezioni Donna” another magazine
published by the same publisher as Collezioni Haute Couture.” At that time, the editor told me that they would like to follow me and my work.
This time I have a chance to be interviewed by “Collezioni Haute Couture.” The cover is decorated with a red and purple dress. How beautiful it is! I was very glad and excited to open such a great magazine which covers my work and interview.
This is the article with my work.
The photographer was Wesley Stringer and the make-up artist was Ai Yokomizo. I was very happy to be able to work with such talented artists. In the future as well I would like to work with them and do my best to create more wonderful productions. I would just like to thank the editors for waiting for us as we just barely finished before the deadline.
Thank you, Everybody!


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