Our Fashion Show Broadcasted on NY1 Channel

A popular TV channel in NY, NY1covered the Brooklyn Fashion Weekend
which took place in March. The title of the news piece was "Brooklyn
Fashion Weekend Tailors Exposure for Local Talent." At first they
focused on the NY fashion week, and then they showed our stage on the last
year's Brooklyn Fashion Weekend. Several photos on the news were
derived from the last year's Spring/Summer collection in which I used
summer kimono "Ro" or "Sha", and uchikake made of organdie. The
reaction was better than I had expected. In fact, I was invited to have
our show at Brooklyn Fashion Weekend again this past March by the
organizer. However, I had to decline the offer because of my physical

I happened to see my show on TV, which made me very happy. I can't do
much right now because of my condition, but seeing the show on TV really
encourages me. The following is the link to the news piece video, in
which my show appears.


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