Our Collection Covered by i-D Magazine

As you can see in the cover picture, the trademark of the i-D magazine is the model winking on the cover. This magazine is a very popular fashion magazine around the world. In New York there are many places that sell the magazine, not just bookstores but drug stores and other places as well. I-D magazine was originally a British magazine. In 1980 Terry Jones, who was the youngest art director at Vogue UK, started the magazine.

Many celebrities such as Madonna have graced the cover of the magazine.
For this issue Karl Lagerfeld was on the cover. Our company’s collection was in the magazine in March. The project was coordinated by Patti Wilson, who is a famous stylist who works all over the world. I did the kimono coordination for the shoot using our company’s“uchikake” kimono.

I asked her what kind of story she wanted to do given the example materials I had available. Patti wanted to do something traditional but not too traditional. The assignment she gave me was very difficult to picture in my head but what I came up with is pictured below.

I assume that the editors of the magazine liked our work very much because this photos appeared right after the cover page on the magazine’s website in March.

When I completed this work, Patti told me that my work and coordination was better than she had expected and I was very happy to hear that. I was glad that my work and her image greatly resembled each other.

Projects for fashion magazines feels very fun. Not only because I can meet and work with creative people but also because I can meet with people from many different countries and can work for many magazines from all over the world that do shoots in New York.

I would like to thank Patti’s staff who noticed that my work appeared in i-D magazine. I would love to work with them again.


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