Our Collection Covered by i-D Magazine

As you can see in the cover picture, the trademark of the i-D magazine is the model winking on the cover. This magazine is a very popular fashion magazine around the world. In New York there are many places that sell the magazine, not just bookstores but drug stores and other places as well. I-D magazine was originally a British magazine. In 1980 Terry Jones, who was the youngest art director at Vogue UK, started the magazine.

Many celebrities such as Madonna have graced the cover of the magazine.
For this issue Karl Lagerfeld was on the cover. Our company’s collection was in the magazine in March. The project was coordinated by Patti Wilson, who is a famous stylist who works all over the world. I did the kimono coordination for the shoot using our company’s“uchikake” kimono.

I asked her what kind of story she wanted to do given the example materials I had available. Patti wanted to do something traditional but not too traditional. The assignment she gave me was very difficult to picture in my head but what I came up with is pictured below.

I assume that the editors of the magazine liked our work very much because this photos appeared right after the cover page on the magazine’s website in March.

When I completed this work, Patti told me that my work and coordination was better than she had expected and I was very happy to hear that. I was glad that my work and her image greatly resembled each other.

Projects for fashion magazines feels very fun. Not only because I can meet and work with creative people but also because I can meet with people from many different countries and can work for many magazines from all over the world that do shoots in New York.

I would like to thank Patti’s staff who noticed that my work appeared in i-D magazine. I would love to work with them again.


Kimono Styling for the 140th Anniversary of Shiseido Cosmetics

There was an event for Shiseido's 140th anniversary on May 9th. I had an offer from Shiseido America to do kimono styling and directing for four models who are required to be there to pave the direction of the event's image.

The kimono came from our company's collection (Mode & Classic). The obi, obi-age and hakkake shawl came from HINAYA KYOTO's collection. hakkake are made from HINAYA KYOTO's material and painted by a Paris textile designer. The beads obi-jime cord from maco beads. The hair stylist was Takeo Suzuki and the make-up artist was Ai Yokomizo whom I often work with. Also the Shiseido make-up team joined us as well.

You can see in the photo below our workmanship. Shiseido America asked us to style around the theme of modernity. We were able to do that thanks to HINAYA KYOTO and maco beads' wondeful goods. Everyone complimented us on our "gorgeous styles".
At the event four models were standing on the street comers in Soho, NYC. The event's venue was also in Soho. The venue was open from 10am to 8pm and the models were standing outside the whole time. It was drizzling outside so I prepared Bangasa (traditional Japanese) umbrellas for them. The Bangasa umbrellas brought out the kimono very well and made it look even more impressive.

Surprisingly, the people who has a Facebook page and posts photos of New York's people and landscapes posted a photo of one of the models.
(This page has 100,000 fans on Facebook and seems quite popular). Soon after she posted that photo, it got more than 3000 likes. Below is a link to her page.http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=309468639127243&set=a.102107073196735.4429.102099916530784&type=1&theater

I was so surprised at how effectively Facebook and Twitter can spread information and how great their influence on people is. I thought that the event was well planned because of the high caliber of the models and area to advertise which was very creative. I am so glad that I could be a part of this event and have an impact on many people about my work through Facebook and Twitter.

The kimono above is Meisen (yam dyeing). It was made by wrap and woof pongee, and has stained glass and rose garden designs.


Our Fashion Show Broadcasted on NY1 Channel

A popular TV channel in NY, NY1covered the Brooklyn Fashion Weekend
which took place in March. The title of the news piece was "Brooklyn
Fashion Weekend Tailors Exposure for Local Talent." At first they
focused on the NY fashion week, and then they showed our stage on the last
year's Brooklyn Fashion Weekend. Several photos on the news were
derived from the last year's Spring/Summer collection in which I used
summer kimono "Ro" or "Sha", and uchikake made of organdie. The
reaction was better than I had expected. In fact, I was invited to have
our show at Brooklyn Fashion Weekend again this past March by the
organizer. However, I had to decline the offer because of my physical

I happened to see my show on TV, which made me very happy. I can't do
much right now because of my condition, but seeing the show on TV really
encourages me. The following is the link to the news piece video, in
which my show appears.


My name on the cover of Asian Fusion Magazine!

My name was was on the cover of the magazine called Asian Fusion. I hadn't noticed and just realized it. The article was talking about my fashion show last year called Kimono Fusion. Below is a link to the article:

I know a lot of local New York media came to my show and I am honored that one of them wrote about it. On the cover of the magazine my name was printed under Jason Wu. I am so glad my name was on the cover but even more so becuse I was right under a big name fashion designer like Jason Wu. Before New York Fashion Week he was on a TV commercial and I thought he was worlds away from me.

Last year I had four fashion shows. At the New York Fashion Week I collaborated with a designer and I had my own collection stages in Europe and Brooklyn, NY.

Dreams are usually difficult to realize and it didn't hit me right after it had happened. It took some time to sink in. It was just a small step toward achieving my dream, but I believe that I am on the way to make my dream real.