New York Fashion Week 2012 Fall Winter- Mara Hoffman

On Feb 9th, the NY Fashion Week 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection began at the Lincoln Center in New York.
Our company, continuing on from last year, was again eligible to participate it and many designers invited us to their stages.
Mara Hoffman’s show on the third day of the Fashion Week was wonderful.
It struck me as an African-inspired design.
The print of the design was also exotically original.
Despite being the Fall/Winter Collection, the over all theme had less to do with the season and rather exhibited a very strong individuality.

Sheer dresses and pants which look chilly for fall and winter continued down the runway. 
A designer, Mara, who had started her business in Los Angeles, was recruited by the stylist of the popular TV drama “Sex and the City”.
Nicky Hilton, loving her dresses, came to her stage.
As you see on the photo, some celebrities were interviewed by the TV crews before her show.
After the show finished, I went to the back stage. I talked with Mata and made our photo taken.
I am sorry to show you my standard style surrounded by many stylish people, but the person on the right on the photo is Mara.


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