Sakura CD cover photo shooting

Last year I had many offers for my business: the lecture at the university, the fashion shows, the photo shoot for the magazines, etc.
Now the results of them have been flourishing.

Recently I know the great news. A New York-based jazz Hammond organist, Akiko Tsuruga, releases her new CD “Sakura” on 14th February.

I attended the CD cover photo shoot as a coordinator of her kimono and stylist. The jazz singer, Senri Oe, directly called me at first. Then, Akiko and Senri came to my studio together and asked me to attend her photo shoot as a kimono stylist. Senri told me the reason why he wanted to use kimono for her cover photo. Akiko and Senri wanted her music to make “hope” for Japanese people after the disaster. 

We had photo shoots last June. Senri came to the place of photo shoots, bringing bento lunch boxes. He cared for all the attendees, serving hot tea. I don’t forget his passion and dedication to pursue the best.
We went around Central Park by car and did the shooting. A New York-based photographer, Becky, took her pictures. Becky is very talented, taking vary unique photo pieces.

I accidentally met her in the bus last November. She asked me to come to her exhibition. Luckily, I have many opportunities to work with many talented artists.
Akiko sent me her finished CD last September. The orange kimono fits her very well on the CD cover. And I am very excited to know that her CD will be released in US very soon as the release day was published in Amazon.com (Sakura: Akiko Tsuruga).
I hear Akiko’s organ play. I feel that her play has a tremendous impact. I remember that everybody worked with great enthusiasm on the day of her photo shoot.

Whenever the works appear, I realize that I should care about all the works. I don’t know when or if my works flourish, I convince my works fully flourish in the future.
I sincerely celebrate Akiko Tsuruga’s CD release in US. Hope many people enjoy her music.
The photo shows Senri was wiping the sweat off Akiko’s forehead. Senri was more gentle and passionate than I had expected.


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