NY test photo shoot in December

We took a test photo shooting after a long interval in December.
This time I worked with a talented photographer, Wesley and a make-up artist, Ai.
The photo shows that Wesley held branches on the set which he prepared before the shooting. Everyone provided various ideas and various properties came out. I was so passionate for the moment.
Although this session was held on the Holiday season in December, we decided to make it because I had a request to send some of my fashion pieces to the haute couture fashion magazines in Italy. This magazine previously carried my interview article. I am very happy to hear that this magazine is interested in my fashion pieces themselves.
Wesley, Ai, and I had planned to make our pieces on the test photo shoot, but unfortunately, we had had no chance to set it. This time, as I told Wesley and Ai that I would like to send our fashion photos to the magazine, they finally set our photo session. I think that I am surrounded by many great artists.
The model, Milana, was as a beautiful girl as I had expected. She, coming from Russian, is very busy to move around the world for her business because she belongs to the very famous model agency in the world. She looked displeased at first, but she told us later that she was exhausted from lack of sleep. She took part in the photo shoot from 11AM to 6PM. She finally showed a full of smile. I wish Milana becomes flourished in the world.
The sky becomes dark at 4PM in New York in this season. It becomes as dark as the night at 5PM. As you see on the photo, we did not take photos in the dark. We used bright lights for making various shadows, which affects fashion pieces interestingly.
Every time the studio for the photo shooting in NY is fun with full of emotions and ideas. I enjoyed this time very much with excitement. I look forward to the finished works.
* The photo shows the obi which was made by HINAYA KYOTO.


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