Two representative Japanese modern artists came to NY

The international auction company Christie’s and organizer of Kaikai Kiki, Mr. Takashi Murakami will present the Tohoku-Pacific earthquake charity auction on November 9th. A preview of the auction was held at Gagosian Gallery on October 27th. Mr. Takashi Murakami and Mr. Yoshitomo Nara came to the event. Mr. Nara will submit his three art pieces to this auction. This picture was taken when they were interviewed by media at the preview.

Mr. Murakami made a speech to the American media about the background of this charity event for the disaster victims and explained the meanings of his arts pieces which he will submit to the auction. 15 artists are going to join the auction. Most of the art pieces were completed after the disaster and each artist implied his/her feeling for the disaster.

One of the Japanese artists, whose name is “Mr.”, drew a cheerful girl and wrote a hiragana (Japanese character) phrase “I’m going!! [よしっ(ち)!!]”. Many American media made various questions to him. He said the earthquake shock was really big to him, but he thought he should cheer the Japanese people through his work.

Total proceed of the auction is estimated about 5 million dollars. Mr. Murakami set up really a big project. It was my first time to meet with Mr. Murakami and I was overwhelmed by him, because he had a tremendous impact and aura. I hand him my business card and talked with him a little bit. I felt more nervous than ever before. As I used to live near the Tokyo University of the Art (Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku) before I came to New York, I had many chances to see his works in Japan. I had thought his art gave us power and I really love his works.

I went to the preview with my company staff, Sugiura. It was her first time to directly see his works. She told me with her surprised face, “His real works are wonderful... I am totally impressed”. I was impressed too. I had an impression that his works gave us energy to our spirits, which is very important to our life.

Mr. Murakami’s words and books tell me that art is an expression which conveys messages from artists to people in the world. As I write many times, I always would like to propose Kimono as a fashion to the world. I keenly feel the importance of continuing to covey my message to the world. Last month, one of the world top three news service agencies, AFP reported my kimono fashion show in NYC. I had interviews from Italian fashion magazine, Italian newspaper, and so on. I should continue to propose Kimono as a fashion to the world.

I truly hope the messages from 15 artists will deliver to the world as well as to the disaster victims through this auction.


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