Mode & Classic Spring Summer 2012 collection at BK Fashion Weekend

Our company MODE & CLASSIC NEW YORK had an opportunity to make a presentation of our Spring/Summer 2012 collection at Brooklyn Fashion weekend in New York on September 29, 2011. The show was sponsored by MTV. I named the title of our fashion show as “Mode & Classic”, which is the same as my company’s name. I tried to express “Fusion”. The show demonstrated the change from classic to modern, including dress change by myself on the stage.

This time, I was very pleased to have a chance to present summer kimonos “Ro” and “Sha (Sya)”. I think summer kimonos look elegant.

All the Obis were made by HINAYA KYOTO, except the green and gold Obi used for the first Furisode model. Beads Obi-jime cords were made by beads designer, maco. The hair set and makeup were performed by Kimiyuki Misawa and Ai Yokomizo, respectively. It was my honor to work with all of them. I also appreciate the organizer of BK Fashion Weekend, Rick Davy.

Mr. Alvin G. Bowen, an American Football player, joined our show. I dressed him in classical Montuki-haori-hakama style. He walked on runway at first, as well as with me hand in hand at the finale. 

These are the pictures of Mode & Classic Spring/Summer 2012 collections. 

I made dress change on the stage. 
 Classic to Mode 

Our show was covered by some media in the United States. The following article wrote about our show exactly what I wanted to express at the show.

You can also see some pictures of our show at the following sites.

I am fully appreciate and proud to have our presentation at BK fashion weekend.

I would like to sincerely thank the people who gave me this opportunity and the people who supported us.


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