Innumerable possibilities of the Japanese fabrics

The exhibition “Fiber Futures: Japan's Textile Pioneers” is held at Japan Society in New York City from Sept. 16th to Dec. 18th, 2011.
A friend of mine invited me to the reception of the exhibition.

The fabrics of HINAYA KYOTO, offering us various Obis, are used at many art pieces which you may see at this exhibition.

 I was able to see a couple of dozens of art pieces.
This art piece is the most impressing for me. It reminds me a bed nets. I used to use it in my childhood. 

There were many art pieces, each of which is wonderful, but their layout seemed inappropriate. The distance between each art piece was too close, so it is difficult to identify what each artist wants to express on the art piece.

We have to compare the exhibition at this gallery with one at MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art in New York). When we saw art pieces at MOMA, we not only directly receive the story of the art pieces, but also easily understand their backgrounds and the life of the artists. I think that the curators of the museum or galleries need sharp sense of how to display art pieces.
I met many arts at this exhibition and I was strongly impressed by the previous art piece I had introduced and the art pieces I show on the following photos. I convinced that the Japanese fabrics have innumerable possibilities.


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