4th -8th day of the NY fashion week

CUSTO BARCELONA show was wonderful. The title was “Kaleidoscope” and as the title said, the show had strong impact with artistic design. Some of the clothes were 3D design, and which we can enjoy them with 3D glasses. On the next day, the show appeared on the cover of the many fashion magazines.

Taiwan and Argentina officially supported their designers and gave them the stage.

After the show, there was an after party held at Argentina embassy. It started at 8:00pm and I was invited to the party. But unfortunately I enjoyed the party only 40 minutes because I had to go next fashion show from 9:00pm. At the party I enjoyed many Argentina dishes. Waiter explained us the dishes. I had chance to talk with designers. From the party I was interested in Argentina and felt I want to go there someday. From this experience, I thought that when the country supported their arts and culture, it has big power and make good chance to appeal their country to many people.
At the embassy’s party. There were big screens and we can see the fashion show from the screens.
At the party

I went to Malan Breton’s fashion show held at Lincoln Center. When the show started, I was surprised that suddenly ballerina started to dance. I thought that his show was not as CUSTO BARCELONA. CUSTO BARCELONA’s clothes expressed same theme but Malan Breton’s clothes theme seemed like depends on the clothes. His hat design was gorgeous and I wanted some of them.

Comparing CUSTO BARCELONA and Malan Breton’s clothes, the former is interesting as a show, but it is difficult to wear except celebrity gorgeous party but the latter is good for the ordinary party.
As you may see from the big apparel company UNIQULO was not joined NY fashion week, originally, NY fashion week concept was high class. So I thought when we saw the clothes designed for the high class customers, like CUSTO BARCELONA, we felt like their show match to NY fashion show image.
NY fashion show 2012 spring and summer ended on 15th. I am appreciated the designer who invited me to the show. I am looking forward to seeing them again.
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