Innumerable possibilities of the Japanese fabrics

The exhibition “Fiber Futures: Japan's Textile Pioneers” is held at Japan Society in New York City from Sept. 16th to Dec. 18th, 2011.
A friend of mine invited me to the reception of the exhibition.

The fabrics of HINAYA KYOTO, offering us various Obis, are used at many art pieces which you may see at this exhibition.

 I was able to see a couple of dozens of art pieces.
This art piece is the most impressing for me. It reminds me a bed nets. I used to use it in my childhood. 

There were many art pieces, each of which is wonderful, but their layout seemed inappropriate. The distance between each art piece was too close, so it is difficult to identify what each artist wants to express on the art piece.

We have to compare the exhibition at this gallery with one at MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art in New York). When we saw art pieces at MOMA, we not only directly receive the story of the art pieces, but also easily understand their backgrounds and the life of the artists. I think that the curators of the museum or galleries need sharp sense of how to display art pieces.
I met many arts at this exhibition and I was strongly impressed by the previous art piece I had introduced and the art pieces I show on the following photos. I convinced that the Japanese fabrics have innumerable possibilities.


"You've got to find what you love" by Steven Jobs

As I wrote at the previous article, our company had kimono fashion show at BK fashion weekend. This is the picture which was taken after the fashion show.
I remember the message from Steven Jobs. He said, “You've got to find what you love,” at the graduation ceremony at Stanford Univ.
I think the reason why he was able to come back to his work ten years after he forced off the job from Apple Inc. is that he really loved his work, so he did not matter whether he had quit his job or not. He just continued his work because he loved it.
I really understand what he said. Because, I love kimono so much.

Many people visited me to the back stage. One of the most famous Chef Michael Romano came to my fashion show and visited me after the show. This picture was taken at that time. The fashion show was held at Brooklyn, surrounded by many storage buildings and I appreciated him for taking time in his busy schedule.
I heard he loves Japanese culture. I think the key of his success comes from his energy to pursue the thing he loves and move into action. 

The Consul and vice consul came from Japan Consulate General and the two people came from Japan society to see the show. Thank you very much.
This is the picture taken with my friends. 

My kimono piece was presented three times on the big Reuters screen at Times Square for the announcement of the show. This is the picture of the screen. 

I realized my kimono work was presented in many ways here in NY. After our fashion show, I strongly feel that the things which we really love will certainly come true.


Mode & Classic Spring Summer 2012 collection at BK Fashion Weekend

Our company MODE & CLASSIC NEW YORK had an opportunity to make a presentation of our Spring/Summer 2012 collection at Brooklyn Fashion weekend in New York on September 29, 2011. The show was sponsored by MTV. I named the title of our fashion show as “Mode & Classic”, which is the same as my company’s name. I tried to express “Fusion”. The show demonstrated the change from classic to modern, including dress change by myself on the stage.

This time, I was very pleased to have a chance to present summer kimonos “Ro” and “Sha (Sya)”. I think summer kimonos look elegant.

All the Obis were made by HINAYA KYOTO, except the green and gold Obi used for the first Furisode model. Beads Obi-jime cords were made by beads designer, maco. The hair set and makeup were performed by Kimiyuki Misawa and Ai Yokomizo, respectively. It was my honor to work with all of them. I also appreciate the organizer of BK Fashion Weekend, Rick Davy.

Mr. Alvin G. Bowen, an American Football player, joined our show. I dressed him in classical Montuki-haori-hakama style. He walked on runway at first, as well as with me hand in hand at the finale. 

These are the pictures of Mode & Classic Spring/Summer 2012 collections. 

I made dress change on the stage. 
 Classic to Mode 

Our show was covered by some media in the United States. The following article wrote about our show exactly what I wanted to express at the show.

You can also see some pictures of our show at the following sites.

I am fully appreciate and proud to have our presentation at BK fashion weekend.

I would like to sincerely thank the people who gave me this opportunity and the people who supported us.


4th -8th day of the NY fashion week

CUSTO BARCELONA show was wonderful. The title was “Kaleidoscope” and as the title said, the show had strong impact with artistic design. Some of the clothes were 3D design, and which we can enjoy them with 3D glasses. On the next day, the show appeared on the cover of the many fashion magazines.

Taiwan and Argentina officially supported their designers and gave them the stage.

After the show, there was an after party held at Argentina embassy. It started at 8:00pm and I was invited to the party. But unfortunately I enjoyed the party only 40 minutes because I had to go next fashion show from 9:00pm. At the party I enjoyed many Argentina dishes. Waiter explained us the dishes. I had chance to talk with designers. From the party I was interested in Argentina and felt I want to go there someday. From this experience, I thought that when the country supported their arts and culture, it has big power and make good chance to appeal their country to many people.
At the embassy’s party. There were big screens and we can see the fashion show from the screens.
At the party

I went to Malan Breton’s fashion show held at Lincoln Center. When the show started, I was surprised that suddenly ballerina started to dance. I thought that his show was not as CUSTO BARCELONA. CUSTO BARCELONA’s clothes expressed same theme but Malan Breton’s clothes theme seemed like depends on the clothes. His hat design was gorgeous and I wanted some of them.

Comparing CUSTO BARCELONA and Malan Breton’s clothes, the former is interesting as a show, but it is difficult to wear except celebrity gorgeous party but the latter is good for the ordinary party.
As you may see from the big apparel company UNIQULO was not joined NY fashion week, originally, NY fashion week concept was high class. So I thought when we saw the clothes designed for the high class customers, like CUSTO BARCELONA, we felt like their show match to NY fashion show image.
NY fashion show 2012 spring and summer ended on 15th. I am appreciated the designer who invited me to the show. I am looking forward to seeing them again.
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