NY fashion week has started

NY fashion week (Mercedes-Benz Fashion week) has started from September 8th. Since last February, this is the second time that our company has invited to the show. On the first day, Sept. 8th, I went to the main stage which held at Lincoln Center with my business partner Sugi. We went to Tadashi Shioji’s stage. As you may see from the picture below, there were many media.

Tadashi Shoji is Japanese designer. When the show began, brilliant green which reminded me forest, displayed on the wall. I easily understood that the theme of the show is nature. Evening dresses were very impressive and the constitution of the show was wonderful.
I saw pretty dress, it looks like tulip. The texture of the fabric and the dress shape were fit together nicely.

On the first day, many parties called “fashion night out” held at many place. 
I was invited to the party, VOGUE Photo Exhibit, "A MODEL'S LIFE", at W hotel. I went to the party with kimono and Chinese British woman Susie Bubble asked me to take picture of me. She is a famous fashion blogger. Recently there are many famous fashion blogger and some of them are active all over the world. I heard that one of them is only 14 years old. They influenced consumers a lot. Sometimes, their article has power to increase the attention to the little-known designer. Consumer collect information from their blog so it is said that “crisis of fashion magazine”. Maybe business model of the fashion market should be change over the course of the time. Meeting with Susan impressed me a lot.
There were many beautiful VOGUE’s models. They have more than 180cm and they were so beautiful that I could not express. The picture is taken at the party. During the NY fashion night out, NYC always become vibrant beautiful city. 

Following URL is fashion blogger Susan’s website.


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