2nd and 3rd day of the NY fashion week

The second day of NY fashion week, I went to Costello Tagliapietra’s show. This brand is designed by two designers. They met each other in Parsons the School for Design. Following pictures are their fashion show. Their clothes are cute. They had collaborated with UNIQLO too.

On the 3rd day, Farah Angsana’s show was held at small stage called “box” in the Lincoln Center. Models were standing like mannequins and we walked around them. 

I found kimono woman cover of the pamphlet! I wondered the designer inspired by kimono when .she designed her clothes.

I have heard that there are many clothes inspired by kimono. After I knew the show’s theme, I felt the dress red color vividly. 
There was a belt looks like Obi-jime.

At night, I went to EVA MINGE’s show. She designed not only clothes but also swimming wear. The show started from swimming wear and it took about an hour to an end. She showed us 120 patterns of designs. I was surprised that the show was so long. The show impressed me but unfortunately in the middle of the show I starting to feel like sameness because most of them use black and white.

After the show, I was invited to her after party at Hudson hotel. I saw the actress who appears on the TV drama “Bones” and famous TV drama actor Vincent De Paul. I met with Paul again at Custo Barcelona’s show. It was 4th day of NY fashion week and when he noticed me, he grabbed my hand and said “Hi again!”

This picture is Hudson hotel’s library. The floor music was so loud so I felt comfortable when I went out to the terrace. Sound volume was nice at terrace.


Blogger Bebe Taian said...

I recognize the black and white striped bathing suit theme from a very popular Barbie doll from... the 60's, I think. It was one of the first. Seeing these women dressed that way brings it back... perhaps she was inspired by that time? Surely, as a designer she would know about it.

It was this doll: http://www.fashion-doll-guide.com/VIntage-Barbie-Black-and-White-Swimsuit.html

Can you see her ambition? Personally, I would think the first one or two were an interesting take, and then... maybe I would also get bored. Not enough colour!

September 27, 2011 at 1:56 AM  

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