Alexander McQueen exhibition at MET Museum

Edited by The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Alexander McQueen exhibition ended on August 7th at Metropolitan Museum. I heard that the number of visitors was the highest compare to other costume exhibitions held at the Museum. On the final day, it was held till midnight at 12:00am and it took 4 hours to enter the exhibition.

This picture appears on the cover of the exhibition book, which shows the face of Alexander McQueen, consisting hologram of his face and his bone. It is little scare for me.

His clothes are wonderful and they look like arts.

I heard that Alexander McQueen who designed variety of shape was influenced by Kimono, even though Kimono has limited shape. There are some dresses which might be impacted by Kimono in his Spring-Summer collection 2008. Unfortunately, I cannot see them at the exhibition, but I saw some of oriental taste clothes.
All the clothes have strong impact, which demonstrate his original world like this photo.

I think both kimonos and clothes will complete, when people wear them. I think if only I could see these clothes on catwalk. I expect if the museum would hold fashion show with his clothes, but my big wish didn’t come true.

Next, his exhibition will be held at London. London was his home base. I wonder what kind of exhibition it will be.


Beads Obi jime cord

There are two types of Obi-jime cords, “Maru guke (cotton-core cord, 丸ぐけ)” and “Kumi himo (braid, 組紐)”. Recently, most of the Obi-jime cords are “Kumi himo” type. Kumi himo has three styles, “Maru-kumi (round braid, 丸組)”, “Kaku-kumi (Squared braid, 角組)”, and “Hira-kumi (blat braid, 平組)”.

This time I would like to introduce a Maru-kumi which is made by beads. We call them as “beads Obi-jime”.

One of my students gave me a beads Obi-jime made by her hands, when she went back to Japan. I am ashamed to admit that I have never seen beads Obi-jime before. When I saw it for the first time, I was surprised. How beautiful it was! Unfortunately, we cannot clearly see its fine and beautiful gradation on the following picture.

The student told me that beads Obi-jime cords can last for about 10 years. She showed me how to make it. Same as Kumi-himo, she uses a thickish cord like lacemaking and crochet with a hook. This technique will avoid the beads to fall off. Seeing her technique, I believe that handmade beads Obi-jime cord can be used for more than 10 years.

Beads Obi-jime cords are good for summer season, but recently I hear that we can use them in all seasons because of the air conditioner. I think that this Obi-jime cord will be especially suitable for a summer kimono and obi, which is usually called as “Ro”. Last week, I went out with her beads Obi-jime cord.
I was very pleased to receive a nice present from her. The handmade present looked very special for me. I love it! I will take good care of it.