Meet again

The other day, I had an offer from New York based photographer artist, Laurie Simmons to join her work. She is active on the front line in the United States. It was second time for me to join her work. I am very happy and proud to have an offer from her. When I met with her again, I was impressed and had a sense of shame.

In the United States, there is no samurai drama on TV or regular publication of kimono magazine like in Japan. So it is difficult to prospect continual work. Most of my works are one-shot work. But this work was second time and further more Laurie Simmons is a woman who I admire. This made me more impressed when I met her again.

I asked hair artist Mr.Misawa and makeup artirs Ms.Ruico to join the work and they kindly accepted my offer. They are great artist and I appreciate them to join the work. I did not see the finished work yet. I am looking forward to see it.

Taken at Laurie Simmons studio.


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