Photo shoot with Francois Nars

NARS Cosmetics has become one of the major cosmetics company in the world. Francois Nars, a founder of the company, joined the photo shoot for “NARS Christmas Card" as a photographer. As NARS requested me to attend it, I took part in that photo shoot as a stylist.

The studio for this shooting is Pier 59, where we had the photo shooting of ads for Verizon Wireless, the largest U.S. cell phone company. I remember that was my first experience to attend the photo shoot as a kimono stylist in US. I realized I could return to that memorable studio and felt my heart beat fast.

I cannot mention about the model for the photo shoot before publication, because she was a celebrity. This photo shoot was planned for her own Christmas cards. She asked François Nars to check her makeup and take her photos. There were a large number of staffs around her. All things were beyond my imagination. This photos shows François Nars checked her makeup.

The model relied on me very much. Many hair and makeup artists worked for her with me, but she asked me, every time when she needed to confirm her hair style and makeup.

I moved to New York almost 3 years ago. I cannot improve my English, but I have had various chances to work with the famous people active in the world. I turned the corner on one project, and subsequently I had another project. It’s impossible to get the bigger project abruptly. I have to do my best for all the projects, even if they are small. I think all the stacking progresses have been directing me to the bigger project.

Prof. Sakurai and I
My mentor for the tea ceremony, Prof. Sobai Sakurai, told us, “Always don’t forget the mind for “preparation”, because everything is connected”. She told us various things before her lessons of the ceremony, and emphasized the importance of the mind of “thankfulness” and “preparation”. If I had no chance to learn the tea ceremony from Prof. Sobai Sakurai, I could not work with the various professionals active in the world.

From now on, I would like to do my very best at any time. Further, I appreciate all the people who worked with me.
NARS emailed me “Pleasure working with you!” The accumulation of these words brings me steps toward tomorrow.

My lesson place of the tea ceremony in Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo


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