Good memories of the New York Fashion Week

My interview video on the New York Fashion Week in February is now published on the internet. That brings back some memories. I believe new trends for the next New York Fashion Week, held in September, have already started now in June.

On the NY Fashion Week in February, as I wrote in my previous article, I collaborated with designer Susan Cianciolo to have a fashion stage. In addition, we were invited to attend various shows by several fashion brands. I had chances to see some of them from February 10th to 17th, from 9AM to 9PM, both on the weekdays and weekend.

In the morning, the shows of men's casual fashion brands were presented. In the after, ones for fashionable street clothes could be seen. The most of the shows at 9PM were demonstrated for formal evening dresses.

I went to see three fashion stages from 9PM, which showed various formal evening dresses. Unfortunately I hadn't known these three brands, but when I went into each venue, there was always an air of excitement. The famous celebrities, who I saw on the TV or movies, attended the shows wearing formal dresses and got surrounded by the press persons. Actually the models on these shows wore romantic and brilliant formal dresses, in which celebrities can walk on the red carpet at the Academy Awards in LA. I didn't usual brands.
I went there in my kimono almost every day. When I entered each venue in kimono, many people asked me to take photos. When I wore the kimono and watched the fashion show for  formal dresses during the  New York Fashion Week, I realized that the kimono has a strong power as fashion and/or as a formal dress to create an extraordinary atmosphere.

Personally, the most impressive designer on the Week was Zang Toi. His designed clothes, the configuration of the show, the music, all were wonderful and full of enfolding warmth. I am not able to describe the details of his design, but I was moved to tears, when he received a standing ovation as he came to the stage for the finale.

The duration of the fashion show is only 10minutes. Every Designer tries to express all his/her creation, all things including fashion, within these 10 minutes. Zang Toi tried it and succeeded to express his world on his stage. We were certainly able to see "his designed" dress and "his created" fashion world.

I appreciate all the designers to invite me to their stages; Norman Ambrose, Perry Ellis, Rebecca Taylor, VENEXIANA, GENERL IDEA, Vivienne Tam, Mik Cire, Toni Francesc, CUSTO BARCELONA, Zang Toi, tibi, Sergio Davila. Thank you very much again. I am looking forward to seeing you on the next stage.

These are fashionable street clothes on the after program. They looked something we actually would like to wear and inspired me.


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