Photo Shooting with HINAYA Obi and WAFRICA Kimono

When I produced kimono fashion shows in Europe, I had opportunities to use HINAYA KYOTO Obi and WAFRICA Kimono. WAFRICA is a kimono brand designed by Mr. Serge Mounage.
Photo Provided by Thomas Laurien
This picture was taken on the kimono fashion show held at Gothenburg, Sweden. I selected for the model WAFRICA Kimono and obi with HINAYA’s gold fabric, which is originally made for obi.

I have wanted to make photo shoot featuring WAFRICA kimono since our kimono fashion shows. I thought it will be cool to stylize this kimono as an UCHIKAKE kimono (wedding kimono). I talked to Serge about my plan and asked him if I could rent this kimono for the photo shoot after we had finished our kimono shows in Europe. He kindly agreed to my offer. Mr. Naoto Izukura, a president of HINAYA KYOTO, also permitted me to use HINAYA obi for the photo shoot. As soon as I came back from Europe, I scheduled the photo shoot. A makeup artist Ai and photographer Teru joined this photo shoot.
We made the photo shoot in early May. This photo shows that Teru was taking pictures of the model in KAKESHITA kimono.
I believe we need to make stories in fashion photo shooting. First I stylized a white kimono called KAKESHITA, which is basically wore underneath the brides’ UCHIKAKE, and tied a white KAKESHITA OBI with HINAYA’s black fabric. Since I was planning to use WAFRICA kimono as a UCHIKAKE this time, I realize it was better to take photos of the model in just KAKESHITA as one of the stories of the photo shooting. During the photo shoot, Teru said “look and feel”. I thought his phrase fitted this photo shoot. 
I wanted to stylized WAFRICA kimono as a UCHIKAKE style, so I asked Ai to make BUNNKINN-TAKASHIMADA (gorgeous traditional bride’s hair set) for the model’s hair set. In addition, I used traditional hair accessories made by fake turtle shell. It is difficult to get real BEKKO (turtle shell) hair accessories nowadays, because they are extremely precious and expensive. As you see this photo of the traditional Japanese hair accessories, they are gorgeous and brilliant, making me happy whenever I see them.

At a later date, Teru sent me the outcome of the photo shoot. I was pleased to send them to Serge (Wafrica) and Naoto Izukura (HINAYA). I appreciate them for their corporation.

I would make a variety of the story on the photo shoot, if we could have more time, but I am satisfied.
I feel that Wafrica kimono and HINAYA obi have strong power for expression as arts and fashion. We tried to elicit a variety of expressions in limited time. And I believe we were able to complete a great job.

These two pictures are my favorite. Hope you enjoy them.

Photographer : Teru Yoshida

Photographer : Teru Yoshida


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