Kimono Styling for the Bridal Magazine

Last August I had an offer to stylize kimono for American bridal magazine.
And the magazine will be sold at book stores and online all around the world this February 11th.
All kimonos are designed by Serge Mouangue and he is a founder and chief designer of "Wafrica". The kimono brand name "Wafrica" means fusion of "Wa(Wa=和 means Japanese style in Japanese)" and "Africa". I had written about him before.

When I found out kimono will appear on the American wedding magazine, I had a feeling that the new fashion trend will occurred in the near future. And I was happy to join this photo shoot.
This work was introduced at Google news.

In the magazine, you can see the kimono photos which I had stylized over 5 pages. I was happy to stylized kimono as a fashion.

The photos are beautiful. But it was hard way to stylize the kimono.
When I first saw the time table, I found hair set and make-up time was listed, but there was no KITSUKE (dressing kimono, styling kimono) time listed. The magazine staff seemed to think that kitsuke is kind of fitting for the western clothes. I told them we need a time for kitsuke.
On the day of photo shoot, I went on time, but the models did not appear. When I saw the wedding dress stylist was preparing for the shooting, I had a bad feeling of something. The magazine staff had thought that we need time for preparing the kimono before kitsuke. But I need time for dressing kimono! I pull out the kimono from the bag and smoothed them. It took only 15 minutes. I went early at the studio, but since no models appeared, I had nothing to do. When we work with the people outside of Japan, we sometimes fail to tell them what we really want to say.

When the models finally came to the studio, I became really busy.
When I started kitsuke, they seemed to be aware that we need a certain kitsuke time for dressing kimonos. At the end of the photo shooting, some of the staffs said to me, "Great Job!".

I saw my name on the magazine. I could not clearly express what the kitsuke is to the magazine staffs, but I think they understood what the kitsuke is through my work. I learned a lot from this photo shoot. It was my pleasure to work with them.

I wish the new fashion trend will really start on kimono.


Blogger molla said...

This woman in white kimono looks amazing.Congratulations Hiromi-San

February 7, 2011 at 1:41 AM  

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