On November 16th, Yuuki-tsumugi(made in Japan, Ibaragi and Tochigi Prefecture) was named to the UNESCO list of the Masterpieces of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Yuuki-tsumugi is one of my favorite Kimonos. I already mentioned about this news in Twitter. I was impressed to this news so I wanted to write about it as soon as possible but unfortunately I could not update my blog till today.
I introduced the Yuuki-tsumugi's video at Twiiter. One of the followers gave me a message that she was so impressed at the video and cried.
Production of Yuuki-tsumugi includes 17 stages.

All stages have been done at Yuuki city in Ibaraki Prefecture and Oyama city in Tochigi Prefecture. Two years ago, I visited Yuuki-tsumugi's craft center to experience yarn-dyed technique.
I could not forget the warmth of floss silk since I touch them.

I thought one of the stage, "spin a yarn" sums it up for the wonderfulness of Yuuki-tsumugi. Craftsmen decided whether they spin a yarn thinly or thickly by design drawing. When they spin a yarn, they wet their fingers and spin a yarn to predetermined width.
Ms. Fuku Osato(she has intangible cultural heritage and spins a yarn for 50 years) says "The most difficult techniques to spin a yarn is to spin a yarn flatly. We can judge the quality of Tsumugi by the flatness of the yarn." (Tairyu-sha 紬 素朴な美と日本的な味わい).

Spin from the floss silk means to gather short flock yarn and make one yarn. This process needs skilled craftsmen techniques.

Every time I wear Yuuki-tsumugi's Kimono, I think Kimono starts from yarn.

Some of my students say "Since I began to attend the Kimono dressing class, I started to wear the Kimono which I had never worn before". There is a rare case to wear Kimono especially in foreign country, but I wish if you have Kimono please make a chance to wear Kimono. I think you can see another world by wearing Kimono.

This movie introduces about Yuuki-tsumugi.
I hope you will enjoy it.


Blogger Jane said...

Very interesting video. Thank you for sharing this.


January 31, 2011 at 6:07 AM  
Blogger molla said...

Hello Hiromi san!
Finally I`ve found time to read all your blog.
Thank you for sharing so detail information about kimono and dying technics!!!

February 1, 2011 at 1:28 PM  

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