Join the Japanese TV program making as a stylist

On January 2nd, from pm6:00 to pm9:00, New Year special program "SEKAI NO HATEMADE ITTE Q" was broadcast at Japan. One of the scenes, the cast was Bobby Ologun family, was shot at Florida and I dressed them Kimono.

I found my name on a staff list. It says I am stylist. It seems like small things but to get a credit is a really happy occasion for me.

The shot was held at Pensacola FL on mid-December.
I thought Florida is warm place but temperature was around 20 ℉ on that day! 
Meanwhile, as you may see from the picture, Mr. Bobby Ologun and his daughter tuck up their sleeves with a sash and patiently continue playing tablecloth trick.

I started styling them at 5:00 AM and we departed on the set around 6:00 AM. The shot end at after 10:00 PM! The shot could not end till they carry out the experiment successfully. I thought it is hard to make variety program.

I feel rewarded for their effort because the program rating was 17%.

Staffs are all nice and kind. One of them rent me a coat. Because I didn't imagine such a cold temperature in Florida so I wore less clothing.
I felt Bobby Ologun family and staffs become united to make one program. The shot was only two days but it was good memory for me to see how they make their program seriously and also program was made by people’s warm heart.

I have got emails from Komagome Waso Academy's teachers in Japan. I was happy that they checked the program.
I was in NY so I could not see the program but I felt I am connected with Japan with Kimono. And the message from Japan makes me feel like they are near me.

I would like to connect with many people and expand my world through Kimono.


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