Artistic photo shooting

Last year I had joined Mr. Wilhelm’s photo shooting as a stylist. Mr. Wilhelm gets success as a photographer in the United States and Germany. He took photos for American Express and BMW advertisement. He said he has a photo shoot for Virgin Atlantic Airways next day.

He wanted to take artistic photos. The concept was "snack POCKY" and was to match western cloth and obi.

I stylized obi with western cloth as he said. He said "First, we want to try traditional style". I thought it was already non-traditional…Model had long hair with panda ear.
He also said "I want to attach chopstick on the hair in order to make it traditional". I could not understand what he said. It was not traditional… But he repeated "I leave it to you. Please make it Traditional".

After the first shot he admired me and said, "Oh, Hiro's conception is crazy". Um…I just stylized what he said…

Whatever we arrange kimono, we recognize it as "kimono" because Kimono has strong feature. But I think his rich expression will be able to resolve this problem.

Even though we can fix photos with PC recently, he care about trivial matters when he took photos, for example slight back fabrics come out. I was impressed and surprised his concentration.

White-sweater-woman is me. In this picture I am styling obi like object extemporaneously. I am looking forward to seeing those photos.


Blogger Victoria said...

Hi, Hiromi! Its Amazing, all your work, and unique!

January 26, 2011 at 8:48 PM  

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