African expression in kimono

"The global African project" is being exhibited at MAD (Museum of Arts and Design) in NYC.
One of the exhibitors, Serge Mouangue invited me to the reception. He is a Kimono designer.

We have known each other but it was the first time to meet him.
I read about him on the internet. The internet said there is a man who makes kimono using African fabrics. Just after I bookmark his site, I got a job from the bridal magazine to stylize Mr. Serge's kimono. It was amazing timing.

I started to keep in touch with him since then.
The exhibition features the work over 100 African arts artists. Mr.Serge's Kimono is used for the exhibition’s poster.
Mr.Serge’s kimono is made by African fabrics.

Above is Mr.Serge's Kimono. Most of the Kimonos are made from cotton because he wants to make a kimono as everyday attire.
Before making kimono, he used to be a Nissan car designer. He also works for artifacts too. I saw his cute art at the exhibition.

Kimono designer Keisuke Serizawa is also famous as artifacts designer. I thought it is better to have sense of 3D design to become Kimono designer.

With Mr.Serge at reception.

You can have "The global African project" information at following site.
You can also see Mr.Serg's Kimono at following site "Wafrica".


Blogger Simon said...

I relly love the work of Serge Mouangue, we have a lot in common and he inspires me. We know each othe but i'd like to meet him soon. Thank you for sharing your experience!


October 10, 2012 at 4:29 AM  

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