Gentle beauty of marble sculptures

“Grant Winners Exhibition 2010” has been held at gallery located at Art Students League of New York. Eight artists who’s got grand prize presented their works. I had received an invitation of reception from Sculptor Minako.

Japanese kimono magazine “Gekkan Are-Kore” introduced Minako to me a month ago and I finally met with her at the reception.

I had interviewed by “Gekkan Are-Kore” last November and Minako also interviewed by the magazine because she is into kimono. I am grateful to appear in the same kimono magazine which Minako had appeared and happy to meet with her at NY.
When I saw Minako’s work I felt warm grace heart from her sculptures. They were really beautiful. This sculpture is called “Wind”. I felt winds when I saw her “Wind”.

This sculpture is called “Earth is in your hands”.

She plane marble stone 10 hours per day to make these sculptures. I was surprised to hear such passion. I thought artist needs huge passion to express something and their work recognized as art work. Her works are like draw out people’s warm heart from marble stone. I felt her spirits from her arts and they really attached me.
We can say same thing in Kitsuke-shi(professional kimono stylist) too. Kitsuke is not only to dress people beautifully but also draw out model’s own beautifulness. I was stimulated by Minako’s work.

Minako was talking in front of “Sakura-Kannon”.

I took photo with Minako in front of “Earth on your hands”.

Minako’s website http://www.minakoyoshino.com/
Grant Winners Exhibition 2010 website (in Art Students League of New York) http://www.theartstudentsleague.org/ExhibitionsLectures/GrantWinnersExhibition2010.aspx
Gekkann Are Kore website http://www.arecole.com/


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