Autumn in New York

Autumn colors in NY are also beautiful as in Japan.

Usually we cannot feel autumn because winter comes very quickly after summer. But the other day, temperatures hovered around 68 degrees. I felt like Japan’s autumn and comfortable day had continued.

One day I found British paper written about Kimono. The paper says “Kimono making in Japan is a dying art.” This article appeared in Oct. 24rd in “The Telegraph”.
The paper raises important problems about the aging and heirless of Kimono craftsmen.

I wonder how next generation take over Kimono making skills from craftsmen.

Since I moved to the United States, I made a workshop at two museums and made a speech at the Rotary club of Wall Street New York. I am thinking that it is important for Kimono to recognize as a world fashion.
I am not sure whether my work will become a solution for the above problems but I will continue to send Kimono to the world from NY.
This article reminds me of the book title which was written by UNIQLO’s founder Mr. Yanai.
“one win and 9 losses”
I was impressed that the person who has much of an achievement like him experienced 9 losses. I thought will work hard as if I will get one win and 99 loses.


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