Yukata in the Caribbean resort

This summer, I went to Mexico. I stayed at resort hotel, “Riviera Maya” which is located at Yucatan Peninsula.
It was the first time to see cobalt blue Caribbean ocean. Nature color makes the ocean’s gradation beautiful.

I brought my Yukata which was tailored this year.

I stayed at the same hotel for a week. The hotel’s restaurant had “casual formal dress code.” I think “casual dress code” is difficult from “formal dress code.” Neither casual nor formal, and of course business suite does not suit at resort hotel.
I always think that Europeans and Americans, who are used to stay at resort hotels, dress up really nice. I ran out of Western clothes, so I decided to wear Yukata. Yukata is not casual formal, but I decided to overlook myself.

The Caribbean resort hotel seems not suitable for Yukata, but I thought it was nice to enjoy cool evening breeze with Yukata. (It looks like I am in Japanese –style hotel from the picture).
Yukata is comfortable to wear and it is cool. Also it is good where air conditional is too strong.. I thought maybe Yukata is all-purpose summer cloth in the world.

Hotel staff said something to me when I wore Yukata.
Near the Riviera Maya there is a famous resort city Cancun. There are many popular resort hotels in Cancun. One of the staff told me that he had seen wedding with Kimono at Cancun hotel.
I thought it is wonderful to wear Kimono at Caribbean ocean wedding.

Many people spoke to me when I wore Yukata.
“So beautiful!”, “Kimono!” etc.
I told the women “This is Yukata” when she spoke to me “Kimono!” But she said “I know.”

The hotel which I stayed had Sushi Bar. When I went to foreign countries, I always surprised how popular it is.

How amazing Japanese cuisine is!

It is nice to enjoy Caribbean sea wind at the bar with my Yukata.


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