Shippo-yaki juwelry

My friend name Tomo placed her champlevé jewelry at exhibition “Japanese young contemporary craft & objects".
Exhibition was held at furniture store (the Red threads) in Nolita. I was invited to the opening reception.

Tomo’s champlevé jewelries are really nice not only for necklace but for OBI-DOME (accessory for Obi belt.).

Before the Edo era, champlevé jewelry decorated Japanese sword, house, and furniture. In Japanese word, Champlevé jewelry is called Shippou-Yaki and this name originated from seven treasures which were engrossed in the Buddhist texts.
As you may see from the picture, Tomo’s Shippou-Yaki is so beautiful that as if they are brightening by themselves. I thought it is wonderful that modern jewelries are made by Japanese traditional skills.

I was interested in Sippou-Yaki’s OBI-DOME so I investigate about them. In Meiji and early Showa era, OBI-DOME became popular as jewelry because of influenced by European culture for example art nouveau. At this time, many Shippo-Yaki OBI-DOMEs were made.
The development of OBI-DOME and Sippo-Yaki have same background, decoration of sword.
In the late Edo era, samurai gave their Netsuke or Menuki (decoration of sword) to their lover as an agreement of marriage. OBI-DOME is originally came from this Netsuke and Menuki. After Meiji era, “decree banning the wearing of swords” published and decoration of sword craftsman’s lost their job. So they started to make Kimono’s accessory for example OBIDOME.
I think, if we make modern Shippo-yaki OBI-DOME, Kimono style will look nicer.

This is "the Red threads" where exhibition hold.


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