Speech at Rotary club of Wall street New York

I made a speech at “Rotary club of Wall street New York” on June 16th. One hundred fifty years ago, on June 16th, the first Japanese delegation members came to US. Michael Bloomberg the mayor of New York celebrate June 16th as a Japan day and Empire state building illuminated with the Japan national flag color, red and white.

I was honor to make a speech about kimono on such a memorable day.

Few weeks after the speech, I received plaque from Rotary club. It was contained in gold box with a letter.

On the speech day, they prepared not only vine and cheese also sushi and Japanese beer. The room was small and some of the people have to stand. I was thankful that so many people came to listen to my speech.

The speech included kimono history, transition, today’s kimono, problems of today’s kimono business, future subject, the reason why I would like to disseminate Kimono to the world from NY. I prepared 45 slides for this speech.

In the process of preparing the draft of the speech I strongly felt that kimono should disseminate to the world. But at the same time I thought there are many problems.

It was hard for me to make 30 minutes speech but when I received applause and some questions, I was happy to know some of them became interested in kimono and understood my thoughts and magnificence of kimono.
To bequeath kimono to the next generation, I think we should envelop the whole world. We cannot solve this problem alone but first someone should do something.

Many people who are active in the United States are member of the Rotary club. They have various backgrounds. One of the members is Japanese (She arrange the speech for me.) and she wrote to me “I did not know that Kimono has a such a long history. I was fully impressed and felt I would like to know more about Kimono.”

I do not think we can receive the feedback immediately. But I think this speech made a big step for me.
The response from the audience, I feel strongly that kimono has unlimited potential as a fashion in the world.



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