Karl Lagerfeld and KIMONO

During the NY fashion week, there was a Fashion Night Out 2010 held at NYC on September 10th. Anna Wintour(Some people say, “The Devil wears Prada” was based on her.), the popular editor of VOGUE, hit on the idea and the event was started last year in the world.

I wore Kimono and went to this event with Hiroko who is helping my job. First we went to Barney’s NY. We met Mr. Masaya Kuroki. He is a fashion designer, the brand name is “Kitsune” at 6th floor. At the 7th floor we saw event which was held for Alexander Wang. Everyone was exiting with DJ music. There were too many people and unfortunately I could not see Alexander Wang.

We moved around the midtown. Madison Street was crowded. Mannequins were not dolls. They are all models.

We saw Danna Karan. She was a gorgeous woman.

The best thing at the event was I could meet and talk with fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld! I met him at FENDI which is located at 53rd Street and Fifth Avenue.

He joined FENDI, CHANEL and Chole. He is based in Paris and Milano so I am really lucky to meet him at NY. When we approached him with Kimono, he recognized us and beckon to us so we could take picture with him. He looks nice and thoughtful. I wonder if he is interested in Kimono.


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