Samurai Parade on Japan Day

On June 16th, we had an event “Japan day” at Central Park. In the event, there was a Samurai parade. We reproduced the delegation members of Japanese samurai. They came to NYC 150 years ago.
At the parade ambassador, sub ambassador, and chaperon led the parade and Nabeshima-Han Daimyo’s retinue followed them.

I reproduced ambassador, sub ambassador, and chaperon. To reproduce the delegation members authentically, I had a chance to see the documents and photos related to them at Museum of the City of New York. 150 years ago Samurai wore really gorgeous Hakama. Grand people wore white collar and white Japanese sandals called Setta. The three ambassadors of course wore white collar and white Japanese sandals.

Ms. Kathleen helped us to browse the documents and photos. Thank you very much, Kathleen.

Nabeshima-Han Daimyo’s retinue was reproduced by Mr. Nonaka. He is president of Nabeshima-Han Daimyo’s retinue committee. On the day, my Kimono dressing class students help them to dressing kimono.

On June 5th, the day before the Japan day, I helped the committee to prepare the parade and brush up my students how to dress hakama.
Students dressed each other to review how to dress hakama.

Despite of rain forecast, June 6th was good weather. Three ambassadors hair make were done by hairstylist Sensui. She is learning Kitsuke at my kimono dressing class. And also one of my students assisted me.

There are three points to reproduce three ambassadors. First, they dress hakama with two swords. So we have to wrap Obi belt three times. Second, in recent years we wore stripe hakama at a ceremony. But 150 years ago, samurai wore more gorgeous hakama at a ceremony. Hakama’s pattern and color are more rich and beautiful. Third, low and intermediate grade samurai wore black leggings, high grade samurai wore white collar and white Japanese sandals called Setta.

But I had notice that I cannot wrap Obi belt three times. Recently we do not expect to wear two swords so maybe this made Obi belt shorter. Or, maybe men of other days are more slim then modern men.

I would like to discuss more about reproducing the ambassadors but I will write them another time.

Parade was successfully ended.

I enjoyed helping parade with my students.

We had dressed 50 people.

7 students had dressed 50 people. 

Hair stylist Sensui.

The student who assisted me to dress ambassadors. Ambassador Nishimiya is wearing Tabi.
Final check for the parade with Ambassador Mr. Nishimiya(ambassador), Mitsubishi International Corporation President & CEO Mr. Komatsu(sub ambassador), Mitsubishi International Corporation Mr. Wako(chaperon).
Mr. Nonaka leaded the delegation. He said “Walk as you protect three ambassadors”.

This book was good reference for reproducing delegation members. I was happy to reproduce gallant three ambassadors in NY.
I appreciate my students corporations. I had a good time preparing the parade with them.


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