We can find amazing world in the OBI

I have a chance to learn Classical Japanese dance in NY.
One day I went to the lesson with my favorite OBI. You may see the OBI in the photo. When my teacher saw my OBI she said “What a wonderful OBI you are wearing!”

This OBI represents dance number of KABUKI performance.
To tell the truth, I did not notice that my OBI represents dance number of KABUKI since I bought the OBI. Draper’s told me this OBI is designed ANESAMA-MOYOU. AMESAMA-MOYOU is doll which is made by Japanese paper and figured paper.

I was ashamed of myself and I looked at my OBI carefully and found that there is KABUKI world in my OBI! There are many famous KABUKI numbers and these numbers are painted in my OBI!! I found my teacher’s debut dance “OKANE” too.
At the same day, I had dinner with the one whose grandfather was GIDAYU (GIDAYU plays an important part of ballad drama). We had dinner at WAJIMA, one of my favorite Japanese restaurants. I was little excited whether he will notice my OBI design or not.
Did you find any KABUKI numbers in my OBI?


Of course you may say, ANESAMA-MOYO too!


Blogger dorikoh said...

Doomo Arigatou for your FANTASTIC blog!!! I was interested in Oshima tsumugi, because it is considered casual (but EXPENSIVE) kimono day wear and I am looking for used Oshima tsumugi since having lived in Kagoshima City, it is difficult to find it. I imagine that I have to go to Japan because it is a unique style of weaving...Anyway...thank you very much!!! Karl Lagerfeld...WOW!!!


November 29, 2010 at 11:23 AM  

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