Learning from interview

Recently I had joined many photo shootings as a stylist. The subject of these photo shootings were all models, not me.
But one day I had an offer to shoot my Kimono lesson class, introducing Kimono, and my interview.

To tell the truth, I am not good at interview… During the interview, interviewer said “Could you speak more loudly?”, “Please speak more loudly. Like the room next door can hear your interview!” and we had done another take again and again…

The details of the interview from Americans were too vague to answer. For example “What is Kimono?” It was hard for me to answer in a word.
Even when we try to introduce only one Kimono, it has huge historical and cultural background so it is hard to introduce in a word. I felt it is too nice to explain in a few words.
When I was learning Noh from one of the Noh player at Kyoto, the teacher said to me “Today’s KYO-YUZEN’s beauty is developed by absorbing NO player’s spirits for more than 600 years”. KYO-YUZEN is YUZEN dyed fabrics originated in Kyoto.

And 600 years relationship between KYO-YUZEN and Noh is just one aspect of introducing KYO-UZEN. It is hard for us to explain one of the Kimono fabrics “KYO-YUZEN” in a word. You may notice how difficult it is to explain Kimono in a word! In this interview I had learned difficulty of explaining Kimono briefly.

This picture was taken after the shooting.


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