The dream for the Prom

I had phone and email from a Philadelphia high school student. Her dream was to go to Prom with Kimono.

I had received an email from her mother and I undertook this request officially.

It takes 1 hour and 10 minutes from NYC to Philadelphia with Amtrak. If you take local train, it will take 2 hour and a half! When I reached to the Philadelphia station, she and her mother was waiting for me with a big card written “Hiro”. It reminded me of group tour.

The high school girl told me why she chose Kimono for Prom. She became interested in Japan through Japanese animation. And she decided to attend Japanese language school. She only watches Japanese television and listen to Japanese music. Her future dream is to work at Japan.

When we reached to her house her grandmother, father and also her Japanese language teacher was there to observe dressing Kimono.

Here Japanese teacher was Japanese. She told me “I was surprised to know that she has a idea to hire Kimono stylist from NYC!”

The distance from NYC to Philadelphia is as same as from Tokyo to Nagoya...I had no idea to hire stylist to dress me in Kimono or dress for my graduation party since I was a high school student. I was happy to support her dream “go to Prom with Kimono”, as a Kimono stylist.

She asked me to put on beads to Kimono so I decided to put them on OBIAGE. I enjoyed making her image.

Her mother said to me “I appreciate you making her dream come true. You can do either Classical styling or Modern styling!”. I was really happy to recieve such compliments. At precisely the same time I was proceeding to establish my company. I decided my company’s name from her words. “Mode & Classic”.

The name came to me when the American high school student dream came true. I was determined and felt that I will make my dream come true like her.

*In the picture I was thinking how to put on beads to Kimono.


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