American Kimono Stylist

I have an American student, her name is “Cami”. She attended my class once a week to master Kimono dressing in my Kimono dressing class. She is studying law at her university and she has a dream in her specialized field.

She is really interested in Japanese culture. She is learning not only Kimono dressing, but also Japanese language, classical Japanese dance, shamisen (Japanese traditional string instrument).

She is working hard to improve her Japanese language ability and she recommended me to speak Japanese in my class. She is learning Japanese in her university and her Japanese is improving rapidly instead of my English…

At the lesson, when she could not understand, she asked me aggressively and she did not forget to make sure there is no misunderstood. She had finished 2nd-degree instructor certificate which is issued from NJCCA (authorized by the national Japanese clothing consultant association) and passed written exam in Japanese. She is the first American woman who got a diploma from Komagome Waso Academy.

Last October, she assisted Japan society event “festival for 3-year-old boys and girls, 5-year-old boys and 7-year-old girls”. She dressed many girls and support the event.

This year, she is planning to study abroad. She will study at Japanese university and also thinking to attend instructor course of Komagome Waso Academy which is professional course to studying Japanese traditional clothes and master the technique to dress them. In this course we can study twelve –layered kimono, bride Kimono too. She seemed really excited to attend this course. The teachers of Komagome Waso Academy are saying that they all looking forward to see her and I really appreciate them.

There were some happenings occurred when I taught Cami.

One day, I pass her OBIAGE but she said “KIRAIDESU(I don’t like it.)”. I thought “Wao, she is really straight character” and decided to remove it but she said again “KIRAIDESU(I don’t like it!!)”…”You mean KIREIDESU?”. KIREI means beautiful in Japanese. She said “Yes!!”. Another day she said “Your OBI is YASUI (cheap).”. I was freezed but she said with brilliant smile “It is really YASUI (cheap)!” and turn down the OBI…”You mean YAWARAKAI?”. YAWARAKAI means soft in Japanese. She said “Yes!!”. I told her YASUI means cheap to her. She laughed and said “SUMIMASENN (sorry)”. There are many kinds of these stories with her.

I had a really good time with her and I wish her every success in Japan.


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